Best BBQ Rubs Reviews In 2022 (TOP 10 CHOICES)

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This evaluation will conserve your precious time that you may or else spend in looking into via a number of sites as well as forums to discover the best BBQ rubs readily available out there. Rubs form a critical aspect of bbq. With different options available, it can be tough to choose one over the various other. We have covered the very best alternatives under different classifications to make your task simpler.

There are a number of crucial elements that must be looked into while selecting a great BARBEQUE rub. We have actually highlighted the factors to take into consideration prior to acquiring the most effective BARBEQUE rub. You can shortlist your alternatives based on the specifications that you would prefer in your rub. Whether you crave for timeless or exotic tastes, this evaluation will help you find scrubs across all groups.

How to Pick a BBQ Rub?

Memphis, Texas-based BBQ lover? The summer is here! When it’s time to fire up the grill this year make sure you have all of your ingredients ready. There are so many great bbq rubs out there and knowing which one will work best for what type meat or sauce flavor profile can be tricky without some guidance from experts like us at Quesarito Branding LLC headquartered just outside downtown Memphus where we specialize not only in Custom Packaging but also Product Development services including ingredient innovations such as our recently launched Memphis Style Burnt Ends Under Aorship commercially available both fresh & frozen along side our famous.

Types of BBQ Rub Explained

The differences between barbeque styles are often based on where it’s cooked. For example, Memphis-style barbecue trends more towards a sweeter flavor with plenty of tangy and savory flavors mixed in before being wrapped up nicely thanks to its addition usually made from brown sugar or maple syrup which provides an extra hint sweetness when eating these tasty treats!

The difference between a savory and sweet BBQ rub is similar to the way all-rounders are able to cook both chicken, pork or beef. The more specialized you get with your meat choice though will dictate what type of spice it’s best suited for – so if one likes sweeter flavors they should opt for these whereas those looking primarily at salty content would likely benefit most from an unsweetened option like “butt” originated in Asia which has been perfected over centuries before finally finding its way stateside as well!

Many of the best rubs can be made with just a few simple ingredients, but there is an endless variety when it comes to what goes into them. The most common core ingredient in all rubbed foods are paprika powder (a red sweet Vienna occupying Hungary), salt ,garlic onion black pepper . Some brands will also add sugar or chili peppers for spiciness while others may contain cumin seeds mustard Dill radish spicy reclaimed sheep’s milk yogurt goats butter Miswak tree gum Arabic chatVery Commonly used spices includeamong many others.

Ingredient Quality

ingredients that are not necessarily a bad thing in themselves, but if they take up an overwhelming amount of your rub (i.e., 98% or more), then you might be getting less good stuff and eating mostly filler.

A common misconception about smoking meat is how important it can actually get when using seasonings like these; many people think their BBQ needs onlymono-flavors(like salt)and Columbus Salad Dusting spices.

Is MSG Bad For You?

The thing about MSG is that it’s not really all that harmful on its own. What can happen if you eat too much of this stuff? Well, there are a couple different things…but one major side effect would be boat-necking! Boat neckedness happens when our bodies absorb liquids better than solids due to being sohydrated — basically what happens is some people find themselves getting bigger because their stomachs expand with water intake while eating food items containing little seeds or grains which cause.

For those who are allergic to Monosodium glutamate (MSG), it’s important that I mention this in the recipe. While most people find themselves safe with just one serving of food containing these ingredients and chemicals found within foods like soy sauce or vinegar for example; some may experience asthma attacks or headache when consuming them at high levels due their sensitivity toward msg which is why reading labels carefully before hand will always be necessary while preparing anything using spice blends!


When buying a BBQ rub, or any other type of seasoning mix for that matter- always ask yourself “is this more expensive than just making it myself?” Many times you can find common ingredients in your pantry and still have an amazing taste without having to spend too much money on convenience foods. If the price seems excessive then I would recommend avoiding those particular brands because there may be cheaper alternatives out there!

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The 10 Best BBQ Rubs Review in 2022

1. Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub | Championship Grill Seasoning for Beef, Steak, Burgers, Pork, and Chicken | 16 Ounce by Volume (11oz by Net Weight)
  • CHAMPIONSHIP BBQ RUB - The BBQ rub was developed and is used by the Killer Hogs Championship BBQ team
  • HIGHEST RATED RUB - We've been making this rub for over 10 years, shipping tens of thousands across the United States, and satisfying professional pitmasters, amateurs, backyard BBQ enthusiasts, chefs, and everyone in between
  • DESIGNED FOR CONSISTENT RESULTS - We developed this rub so you don't have to worry about seasoning your meat or veggies. The BBQ Rub provides a consistent and delicious flavor you can count on time and time again
  • NO RISK AND NO HASSLE - For almost a decade, we have been delighting customers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of any Killer Hogs product, please contact us and we'll gladly refund your money. That's it - no questions, no hassle, no risk.
  • MADE IN THE USA - We pride ourselves in manufacturing all our products in the USA using the highest quality ingredients
This BBQ rub would make a wonderful addition to your BARBEQUE collection. It effortlessly highlights the all-natural tastes in meat. This dish was established in competitors organized by the Awesome Hogs Champion BARBEQUE group. If you have actually constantly craved to be an expert pitmaster, then this rub is all you require.

The Awesome Hogs team has actually invested years refining their rub. You can experience individuality in the flavor. This rub has been made with a mix of paprika, salt, brownish sugar, salt, sugar, onion powder, mustard flour, dill weed, turmeric, chili pepper, dehydrated orange peel, and garlic, MSG, and also vaporized walking stick juice. You can expect a wonderful BBQ evening relishing your favorite recipes when you make use of Killer Hogs The BARBEQUE Rub.

  • Preference is consistent as well balanced.
  • It is flexible and also can be made use of on anything.
  • Makes a fantastic starter rub.
  • It is not salty as most of the rubs are readily available on the market.
  • Passes on an appealing look to your meat.
  • Has MSG.

2. Killer Bee Honey Rub by Kosmos Q

Kosmos Q Honey Killer Bee BBQ Rub | Sweet & Savory Blend | Great on Brisket, Steak, Chicken, Ribs & Pork | Best Barbecue Rub | Meat Seasoning & Spice Dry Rub | 13 oz Shaker Bottle
  • This award-winning Honey Killer Bee BBQ rub will take your cooking to the next level helping you transform poultry, and beef, into lip-smacking, delicious meat… you'll be sure to “wow” even the toughest of BBQ critics
  • Our unique blend of spices is the perfect balance of honey and savory spices, delivering a mouthwatering explosion of sweet BBQ goodness, which enhances your barbeque creations for an experience your tastebuds will crave
  • It’s easy to use, which helps you infinitely have a customizable knock-your-socks-off spice blend. Simply sprinkle on or rub into your meat of choice to enjoy sweet-smelling and deliciously succulent dishes
  • The flavor is versatile and goes on almost anything, so with just a sprinkle, you can enhance the flavor of casseroles, potatoes, baked beans, and more! This means you can soon find yourself being asked to host all the family barbecues and tailgates
  • It is tested in World Championships by World Champions, so rest assured quality is guaranteed. If it’s not good enough for us at Kosmos Q, then it’s not good enough for you

If you are searching for a BBQ rub that is without MSG and also tastes unbelievably one-of-a-kind after that Killer Bee Honey Rub is just for you. This rub changes any type of regular meat right into scrumptious, lip-smacking meat. This rub guarantees an explosion of taste to the individuals. The special rub gives a subtle sweetness of honey which functions flawlessly great with chicken.

This rub contains carefully ground seasonings that make it best for infusing. This unique mix of spices gives terrific tastes to any meat. The delicate balance between the tasty flavors as well as honey is what provides originality to your specials. The durable tastes are bound to boost the flavors in your dishes.

The vital ingredients utilized in Killer Bee Honey Rub are dextrose, honey powder and also celery. 2 percent of silicon dioxide has actually been used for preventing caking.

  • It can be made use of any type of meat.
  • It has an ideal equilibrium of flavors.
  • Gives an exceptional taste to your delicacies.
  • It is somewhat expensive in comparison to various other BBQ scrubs.

3. Bad Byron’s BBQ Rub

Bad Byron's Butt Rub Barbeque Seasoning BBQ Rubs (26 ounce)
  • Used by championship barbequers, professional chefs, and backyard cooks everywhere
  • Balanced blend of onion, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika and chipotle (smoked jalapeno)
  • Outdoor flavor at it's finest
  • A great all-purpose seasoning

This authentic Texas-style rub is worth including in your BARBEQUE spices collection. It imparts a smoky, genuine taste to your ribs, pork, chicken, and steak. Despite being optimal for pork butt, this spice mix includes a mix of chipotle powder, paprika as well as black pepper which is just ideal for virtually anything.

The most effective aspect of Bad Byron's BARBEQUE Rub is that it is without MSG. It tastes wonderful when sprayed on vegetables and seafood as well. It would certainly not be wrong to call this rub an all-around flavoring blend of seasonings.

  • Passes on a traditional taste to your dishes.
  • It is flexible and also can be utilized for flavoring vegetables as well as a great deal much more.
  • Is MSG and gluten cost-free.
  • The rub is well balanced with ideal tastes.
  • It is quite salty.

4. Lawry’s Perfect Blend Chicken Rub and Seasoning

Lawry's Perfect Blend Chicken Rub And Seasoning, 24.5 oz
  • Features a blend of natural flavors and seasonings, including garlic and rosemary
  • Also pairs well with ground beef for burgers
  • Perfectly sized bottle for professional chefs or feeding a crowd
  • Great for chicken and poultry
  • Can be used for grilling, broiling, roasting and baking

This BBQ rub is a durable blend of cost spices as well as natural herbs. This spice mix makes certain to boost the flavor of a selection of meals. It consists of turmeric, chili pepper, red bell pepper, parsley, thyme, paprika, onion, sea salt, rosemary, garlic, and others. It is liked by both professionals as well as house chefs.

This BBQ rub can be made use of to season large quantities of food instantly. This makes it fairly helpful while roasting a turkey for a big event. The application of this rub is not simply restricted to poultry. It can be used for hamburgers, ground beef as well as flavoring veggies as well.

If you have an interest in including a strong flavor to your meal, after that you can think about using Lawry's Perfect Blend Chicken Rub and Spices for the purpose. This recipe has much more than simply experienced salt. The flavor of cost herbs as well as seasonings is most likely to draw out the best in your recipe.

  • It is a functional spice mix.
  • Pairs well with hamburgers and ground beef as well.
  • It does not consist of too much salt.
  • Highlights fantastic tastes in your dish.
  • Is reasonably valued.
  • It is rather salty.

5. BBQ Bros Rubs Ultimate Barbecue Spices Seasoning Set

BBQ BROS RUBS {Western Style} - Ultimate Barbecue Spices Seasoning Set - Use for Grilling, Cooking, Smoking - Meat Rub, Dry Marinade, Rib Rub - Backed with 100% Customer Guarantee
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER RATING: For Over 5 Years with 245+ Customer Reviews (Makes perfect gift set for any occasion)
  • HANDCRAFTED PREMIUM BBQ RUBS: Includes {California 11oz, Texas-13oz, and Kansas City-10oz}
  • GIFT WRAPPING & FAST SHIPPING: Options are available. Standard two day shipping with prime or rush delivery options are also available during checkout. Limited Sale Specials for Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas (NOTE: This is regular Western Style Set NOT Limited Edition)
  • PITMASTER APPROVED: Authentic Regional Award Winning Recipe BBQ Rubs (Rubs contain NO MSG & GLUTEN FREE)
  • PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We stand behind our CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason. We'll give you a FULL REFUND with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 110% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

This ultimate BARBEQUE spice seasoning collection consists of 11 oz. California Design rub, 13 oz. Texas-style rub as well as 10 oz. Kansas City-style rub. This set of rubs is totally handcrafted from premium active ingredients. Fresh herbs, as well as seasonings, have actually been utilized in crafting the recipe. The very best thing about BBQ Bros massages is that these are free from preservatives and also MSG.

The golden state style mix contains traditional ingredients such as paprika, garlic, black pepper as well as salt. This rub is favored for salmon, poultry, pork as well as huge game meats. It is additionally excellent for ribs, brisket, smoked jerky, and also pork shoulder.

The Kansas City mix is ideal for making warm wings, brisket, and also ribs. This blend is a leading selection for seafood boils. It consists of red pepper, spice, onion, garlic, salt, paprika, and brown sugar as essential components. Silicon dioxide is utilized as an anti-caking representative.

The Texas-style rub is for those that like wonderful BBQs. You can utilize this rub for flavoring any of your favorite meat cuts. It is optimal for wonderful crusted beef steaks and honey-glazed ribs. The crucial active ingredients of this rub are red pepper, spices, garlic, paprika, sugar and also salt.

  • Offered by a premier as well as an acknowledged brand name.
  • Backed by danger-free cash back warranty.
  • Highlights unique flavors in your dishes.
  • It is available in big appealing containers.
  • All 3 scrubs' preference basically similar.

6. Plowboys Yardbird Rub

Plowboys Yardbird Rub 14 oz
  • Number of Servings per Package: 392
  • Container Size: 14 oz.
  • Flavor: BBQ

This BBQ rub is among the most effective rubs offered on the market regardless of having fewer components. The easy ingredients make this dish stick out amongst others. This flexible BARBEQUE rub can be used with nearly all types of meat. Mustard flour, celery powder, and chili pepper are the other active ingredients made use of in this rub.

The taste of this rub is mild with a tip of warmth as well as a touch of sweetness. This rub is used in a hassle-free 14 oz. container. If you love straightforward yet delicious tastes, after that you need to consider investing in this BARBEQUE rub.

  • Presents an excellent flavor to your recipes.
  • It has the ideal taste and also balances.
  • Can be made use of with both chicken, turkey as well as others.
  • Has been recommended by top BARBEQUE professionals.
  • Include too much salt.

7. The Salt Lick BBQ Dry Rub

The Salt Lick BBQ Original Dry Rub 12 Oz (Pack of 3)
  • The Salt Lick ~ Driftwood, Texas since 1967 Original Dry Rub 12 oz each (Pack of 3)
  • Perfect seasoning for meats for your next dinner, barbecue, or other grilling event!
  • Experience the best dry rub around! your meats will be richly delicious and flavorful with this seasoning.
  • Great for BBQ lovers

If you desire your meat to be flavorful and also richly delicious, after that you need to think about including The Salt Lick BARBEQUE rub right into your flavoring collection. In spite of being called the Salt Lick, this rub is a little on the sharp side. Several users have suggested that the spices and also cayenne pepper made use of are not 100% genuine Texas-style. Nevertheless, the mix is simply best for brisket, pork butt, and also ribs.

The Salt Lick BBQ dry rub is declared to be a genuine Texas dry rub by the manufacturers. It consists of seasonings, chili pepper, black pepper, and also salt as cornerstones. This rub is available in a pack of 3.

  • Perfect for both dry and damp ribs.
  • It has a strong, strong taste.
  • It is rather a flexible BBQ rub.
  • Genuine Texas-style rub.
  • Is mean too hot?

8. Rufus Teague Assorted Premium Rub

Rufus Teague - Big Box O' Rub Variety Pack - Premium BBQ Rub - 5 Bottles
  • AWARD-WINNING FLAVORS: A masterful blend of herbs and spices, our rubs are packed with mouthwatering flavors you can’t get enough of
  • ELEVATES YOUR MEALS: Made for chefs and grill masters alike, our rubs will elevate any meal
  • MADE IN AMERICA: We’re known for making the best BBQ in America and our rubs are full of rich, tasty, natural ingredients, made with a ton of love
  • QUALTY YOU CAN TASTE: You’ll notice the difference in the first bite; our rubs are made with a masterful blend of herbs and spices
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We don’t believe in cutting corners with anything we make. Our rubs are non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, Kosher, free from MSG and made with natural ingredients

This BBQ rub pack consists of prize-winning rubs packed with mouthwatering tastes. If you truly intend to elevate the flavors in your meals, after that you should include these costs rub to your kitchen area collection. This is one of the most effective BARBEQUE massages which contains abundant, natural components.

The Rufus Teague Assorted Premium Rub is gluten, MSG as well as Kosher cost-free. This rub is optimal for both grill masters and home chefs. This item is backed by a 100% Complete satisfaction Warranty by the pens. If you are not completely satisfied with this BARBEQUE rub, after that you can ask for a complete refund or replacement.

  • Include honor-winning scrubs.
  • Made from pure, naturally active ingredients.
  • Made from a skillful mix of flavors and natural herbs.
  • Brings out delicious flavors despite the meat being utilized.
  • It is a little spicy.

9. Rudy's Texas Bar-B-Q Dry Rub

Rudy's Texas Bar-B-Q Dry Rub
  • One 12 Ounce Bottle of Rudy's BBQ Rub
  • Great seasoning for meat and vegetables
  • Proudly made in the USA!
  • Original BBQ Rub from Rudy's Texas Bar-B-Q Restaurant and Store

This tasty completely dry rub works wonderfully on turkey, brisket, sausage, pork, chicken as well as ribs. If you are food craving for a surge of tastes, after that this rub is all you need. This dry rub would certainly make a terrific spice for both veggies as well as meat. It has been made in the United States. You can depend on the quality of this item with no concerns.

  • Makes a fantastic rub for poultry.
  • Draws out strong flavors in your meat.
  • Made from exceptional high-quality components.
  • It is a little too hot?

10. Steven Raichlen Project Smoke BBQ Spice Rub Seasoning

STEVEN RAICHLEN'S Project Smoke BBQ Spice Rub Seasoning Combo Pack - 6 Pack World Wide Barbeque
  • Steve Raichlen's Project Smoke- World-wide authentic international barbecue flavor to your kitchen
  • Best of Barbecue- BBQ rubs pair perfectly with steak, ribs, chicken, vegetables, fish, and more!
  • World-Influenced Flavors- Malabar Steak Rub, Greek Island Herb Rub, Fennel Pepper Rub, Kansas City Smoke, Carolina Pit Powder, & Santa Fe Coffee
  • Barbecue Spices- Dry BBQ seasoning takes your grilling and cooking to the next level
  • Barbeque rubs are gluten free and kosher! The perfect gift for any BBQ lover!

This BARBEQUE spice rub would certainly make a powerful enhancement to your collection of BBQ massages. If you are looking for a BARBEQUE rub that is low in salt as well as full or rich flavor, then this is the rub you require to buy. It features authentic international bbq taste. It can be utilized with fish, veggies, hen, ribs, steak, and also more.

This BARBEQUE rub takes your grilling to the next level. The most effective feature of Steven Raichlen Task Smoke BBQ rub is that it is without kosher and also gluten. The recipe of this rub has actually been crafted by award-winning TV show host, writer and renowned BBQ fanatic, Steven Raichlen.

  • Free from kosher and also gluten.
  • Recipe designed by distinguished individuality, Steven Raichlen.
  • Low in salt high in tastes.
  • Is quite expensive.


You require to be geared up with the right information if you want to choose the perfect BARBEQUE rub for your barbecuing needs. With a huge selection of choices available on the market, you can have a difficult time shortlisting an ideal prospect for your requirements. This evaluation helps you recognize the elements that you must check into while selecting a BARBEQUE rub.

The primary thing you have to do is to determine the flavors that you discover desirable while preparing your favorite specials. Based on this as well as a number of other aspects you can shortlist the BBQ massages that you can add to your spice collection. We have actually made a note of all the essential factors to consider prior to acquiring the very best BARBEQUE rub. This will aid you to make an informed choice.

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