The Best Gas Grills Under $300

The Best Gas Grills Under $300
  • Grilling with the gas grill is becoming increasingly popular. This is primarily due to the fact that the devices quickly reach their temperature and are easy to operate.
  • In addition, unlike the charcoal grill, hardly smoke and soot. Sometimes, however, you have to dig deep into your pocket for high quality. From a best gas grill under 300 dollar you can still expect a lot.
  • Below we present to you, which gas grill is recommended under $300. You will also learn what to consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Best Gas Grill Under 300 dollar – Our Choice

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill




  • The Char-Broil brand has been making outdoor products for over many years. Worldwide fame she gained in the year ago with gasoline and gas grills. The is a recommended gas grill under $300. Works with 2 individually adjustable stainless steel burners, each with a commendable 4.2 kW. Thus, it is fast to operating temperature and can be very hot when needed.
  • The grill weighs 93 pounds and is therefore very stable. For maneuvering there are 4 rollers on the housing. 2 of them are for steering, the two backs for comfortable pushing or pulling. There is space gas flap in the base cabinet. Here it is protected and can not rust. Furthermore, there are 2 removable side shelves on which bowls, sauces and Co. find enough space. You can also hang gloves and grill cutlery on the 5 hooks.
  • Thanks to the piezo ignition, the start succeeds quickly and safely. A lighter is not necessary. In the hood, a thermometer and a viewing window are integrated. This means that incorrect assessments can be almost completely ruled out. The grill amounts to Measures 50.4″ W x 24.5″ D x 45″ H, & weighs about 85 lbs, which is why you can easily provide up to 6 people with tasty food.
  • All in all, the Char-Broil 463377319 is a recommended gas grill under $300. It can be set up quickly and easy to use. Because the burners each provide 4.2 kW, temperatures of over 400 degrees. Here you can fry steaks spicy to create great roasted aromas and pores close (juice is retained). Even for beginners, this gas grill is suitable, because you always keep track and can easily put the removable parts in the dishwasher.

Weber 51040001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill, Red




  • Weber is a fairly young brand, it belongs to the Springlane GmbH. At it is a compact gas grill under $300. The grill weighs only 26 pounds, which is why it is also suitable for mobile use. You can carry it alone.
  • Because the dimensions are limited, you can also set up the grill on a balcony. The grill area amounts to Product Dimensions 24.6 x 20.5 x 40.9 inches. According to the manufacturer, therefore, up to 4 people can be supplied with tasty food. The rust is cast iron. This material heats up quickly and stores the heat very well. This is important, because the two burners unfortunately only have an output of 1.75 kW each.
  • The grill can still bring it up to a temperature of 300 ° C, which can doubtless be described as very good. Because both burners are individually adjustable, you can prepare different foods at the same time. For example, there may be meat in the left area and vegetables in the right area.
  • In summary, the Weber 51040001 Q1200 Liquid is a good gas grill for under $300. He is mobile and fast. You can also use it while camping. It starts at the touch of a button (piezo ignition) and can reach high temperatures. Operation can be with gas bottles of any type. In addition to the matching hose, a UV-resistant cover is also included. Thus, the device can stay out even in changeable weather.

Grill Char-Griller E3001 Grillin ‘Pro 40,800-BTU, Black




  • Char-Griller is a special gas grill under $ 300. He works with the highest temperatures. Also, as the name suggests. In addition, this grill is equipped with ceramic burners, which is quite unusual in this price segment.
  • It started with an electric detonator. With this device, you can control the temperature through the bay.
  • Moreover, the detachable elements are made of stainless steel, so you can easily put them into the dishwasher. In addition, the rusty holder can be removed in one piece and thus cleaned quickly.
  • Overall, the Char-Griller is a solid gas grill under $ 300. It can achieve the expected results, which is why you can create great baking flavors and brands on food. Of course, the risk of injury increases at such a high temperature. You must always pay attention. It is very fast to set up, easy to use and can be cleaned quickly.

Gas grill up to 300 euros – you should pay attention to this when choosing

Mass weight

  • Gas grills can be divided into 2 classes: massive models with base and compact models with base. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Large gas grills often weigh over 18 pound, which is why you should already carry the delivered package together with a partner. These devices take up space so you can’t just set them up on a small balcony. Spacious terraces or lawns are ideal. In order to be able to maneuver a massive grill, castors are usually installed. The bigger these are, the better you can get on soft ground.
  • The big advantage of massive models is the extensive grill area, with which you can supply 8 persons or more. In addition, they often offer extensive storage options for cutlery, bowls, sauces, etc. Thanks to their own weight, they are of course not so susceptible to gusts of wind or accidental bumps.
  • Compact gas grills are very flexible. They often weigh less than 7 pound, which is why they can be worn when set up. In addition, they hardly need space. Thus, you can place them on a small table or stow away in the camping equipment. Furthermore, small gas grills are quicker to use and cleaned faster. Your grill area is usually designed only for a maximum of 4-6 people.

Performance & temperature

  • The performance plays a very important role in the search for a gas grill under $300. It is stated in kW ( kilowatt hours ) . Your grill should be able to provide at least 2.2 kW per burner . Only then will it be ready to use quickly and reach high temperatures.
  • Some manufacturers try to trick by indicating the overall performance. However, it alone has no significance, because you have to see the relation to the number of burner burners. While a total power of 5 kW is outstanding for a burner, that of 3 existing burners is considered insufficient.
  • It is useful when the gas grill reaches temperatures of 300 ° C or more. In this case, you can sear steaks and close their pores (juice is kept inside).
  • In addition, such high temperatures facilitate the cleaning immensely. To completely clean the gas grill once, you should set the burners to the maximum temperature and close the hood. Then you wait until smoke comes up and this withdraws independently. Now you can switch off the grill and brush off all elements easily. The greasy rubbish (fats, remnants of marinades, etc.) will have turned into ashes. Your brush will therefore not stick together and last a long time.


  • The grillage must be robust and rustproof. In this context, find stainless steel, cast iron or porcelain enameled aluminum application. Emaillie is a protective coating that usually comes in the form of ceramics or porcelain.
  • Stainless steel is the easiest to maintain, because it is smooth and stable. Cast iron stores the heat best and produces many roasted aromas, but is much more susceptible to rust. In addition, you must make sure that it is always covered with a layer of grease and oil.
  • Of course, the more people you want to have a barbecue, the bigger the rust must be. An area of ​​about 60 × 40 cm is sufficient in any case to provide 6 people with delicious food.
  • Whether the grill grate may be treated with chemical cleaners and thus dishwasher safe, decides the manufacturer. Cleaning with the brush is definitely gentler.
  • Furthermore, make sure that the fat does not drip into the flame. This fact would lead to excessive smoke development, which of course is unhealthy and could annoy the neighbors. A good fat drip tray is therefore important. This must be emptied at the latest when it is 3/4 full. Otherwise, it can lead to a dangerous fat burn.

Toss Up

  • You should also pay attention to the choice of seats. Since a gas grill under 300 dollar can be both large and small, this is superficially dependent on the model.
  • Basically, you should choose a flat surface that is stable. This can be for example a wooden terrace or the lawn. Compact models can also be parked on a table. The lighter the grill, the more protected he must stand.
  • Light weight models can quickly fall over due to a surprising gust of wind or an unintended shock. This must absolutely be avoided, because not only the grilled food can be damaged, but also the grill itself and the surface. So it can be expensive. In the worst case, even a human being is injured.
  • Furthermore, of course, there should not be any flammable objects nearby. The choice of location must be limited to a well-ventilated place. An extractor hood in the house is not enough.


  • Of course, a gas grill only works if it is actively supplied with gas. You can choose from butane, propane or a mixture of both. Your grill can either be operated with various fabrics and only with one fabric. This must be specified by the manufacturer.
  • While the gas hardly plays a role in the warm season, the choice should fall on propane in the winter. This is only at -40 degrees liquid and thus unusable, while butane is already at just below 0 degrees liquid.
  • As pack size either cartridges or bottles are used. Small cartridges weigh only a few hundred grams and are suitable for mobile gas barbecues. At home, you will probably be able to cope with a 3 pound bottle best. This can still be worn reasonably well and fits in any cabinet. If you barbecue very regularly or have a massive gas grill, you can also grab a bottle of 4.- 7 pound
  • Gas consumption is given in g / h (grams per hour). In proportion, large grills consume less gas than compact models, with the same performance. Of course you need more gas, of course, if the grill is big and powerful.
  • Gas cylinders have a left-hand lock (opposite of the water connection). You should always turn it tight after use. Although they are very safe today, that is no reason to be careless. The bottle should not stew in the sun all day and should not be operated lying down.

Gas Grill under 300 Dollar- What you can expect


  • Selection of compact models and models with trolleys
  • 2-3 individual burners for the preparation of various foods
  • Both small and large groups can be cared for
  • Special needs, such as back burners or side burners, may already exist
  • Easy and safe start-up at the push of a button (Piezo ignition)
  • Free choice of stainless steel, stainless steel or cast iron
  • Long shelf life with appropriate care
  • Partly also suitable for cooking and baking
  • Operation possible with both cartridges and bottles


  • Barbecues sometimes fail to exceed the 300 degrees
  • Steaks can not be seared so sharp and the pores can not be closed
  • Cleaning by pyrolysis also does not work so well
  • The manufacturer may not offer replacement parts (service restricted)
  • Very often no ceramic burner / infrared burner available

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