Buy Gas Grill – What Should You Pay Attention To? How To Choose Gas Grill

With the beginning of the spring, the barbecue season is approaching. In order for the barbecue to succeed, you must first have a suitable grill.

With the beginning of the spring, the barbecue season is approaching. In order for the barbecue to succeed, you must first have a suitable grill.

Although the charcoal grill is considered a popular, classic variant, the gas grill is becoming increasingly popular.

But what is the difference between a charcoal grill and a gas grill and what has to be considered when buying a gas grill? Here you will learn everything worth knowing about the gas grills.

What needs to be considered when buying a gas grill?

If you want to buy a gas grill, there are some things like performance, the number of burners, material, size, and features that should be taken into account when making your purchase.

Below we have summarized the buying features that you should consider when buying gas grills.

The Performance

The power of a gas grill is usually given in kilowatts. As a rule, higher wattage means faster heating of the gas grill. However, poor building construction may also result in insufficient efficiency.

The Grill Size

The size of the grill depends on how many people you want to grill for. For larger barbecues, a grill with a grill area of 2000 cm² should be chosen, while for the balcony barbecue a grill with a grill area of 1000 cm² is sufficient.

The Shape Of The Grill

When it comes to the grill form, it is primarily personal preference that counts. Especially popular, however, are the so-called grill cars, which not only consist of a substructure and rust but also have several storage compartments. This variant is particularly flexible, as it allows you to roast, roast, bake, and roast. When buying a gas grill, the size depends on your own requirements.

The Material

A gas grill is invariably made of steel or stainless steel, so it is heat resistant. Stainless steel is recommended here because it is not only more weather-resistant but also looks more elegant. There are also powder-coated models, which are not as durable but are quite inexpensive to buy. In most cases, the grill grates also consist of enameled stainless steel, which convinces stability, durability, and good washability.

The weight

The weight is enough for a gas grill of 3 kg and can easily go over 100 kg. It depends on the number of burners, the material used, and the accessories included. Since many gas barbecues are equipped with wheels, the weight does not play such a crucial role as the grill can be conveniently transported from A to B by the wheels.

The Number Of Burners

The number of burners depends on the preferred grill style. Gas grills are predominantly used for cooking, where the gas flames can be located on the side or in the middle at the bottom. High-quality models have three or more burners. With additional gas flames on the side, it is possible to create different temperature zones, one for hot roasting and the other a little off with moderate heat to allow the food to be cooked.

The Equipment Features

The extras should be considered in the purchase decision. Most gas grills have a cover for the cooking space. Even a thermometer is no longer a rarity and is part of many barbecues. The cover is essential for indirect cooking, while a thermometer can be seen as a practical but not necessary extra. Another nice extra is the so-called side burner, on which you can prepare sauces or stews and keep them warm.

Tips for dealing with the gas grill

Gas grill test - find a gas grill

So that there are no complications when handling the gas grill, it should be set up exactly according to the instructions.

In addition, the grill should preferably stand on firm and straight ground. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the gas hose is never kinked and that it should be replaced after three to five years. Also, keep in mind that a gas grill should only be used in open areas.

If you have observed the above points, it can go to kindling. The grill lid and the gas bottle valve must be open so that you can light the gas flame inside. You can use an automatic lighter or a match to do this. Lighters should not be used. If the grill does not light within 10 seconds, stop the gas supply for 5 minutes and try again.

To heat, the lid must be closed and should take about 10 minutes.

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to some things while grilling. Take, for example, a lava stone grill, make sure that the fat ends up in the drip tray. In addition, the lid is particularly hot during grilling, so this should not be touched without gloves. Also, keep children away from the grill. After grilling, remember to close the valve and lid again. As soon as the grill has cooled down, you can start cleaning.

How is a gas grill different from a charcoal grill?

Gas grill vs charcoal grill

In a charcoal grill, the grilled food is usually directly above the glowing coal.

This drips the fat directly from the meat, down to the grate, causing it to burn and smoke. This creates the classic roasted aroma, but unfortunately also the, in large quantities, carcinogenic benzopyrene, which is deposited on the meat.

Even if the amount of benzopyrene added is very low, it can be cooked much more gently with a gas grill. In addition, a grease collector does not cause benzopyrene formation in a gas grill. A gas grill is therefore preferable to a charcoal grill on this point. Below we have summarized an overview of the pros and cons of a gas grill.

So it can make it easier for you to decide to buy a gas grill.

Advantages of the gas grill

  • Heating up is fast
  • Uniform temperature
  • Little to no development of smoke
  • Do not release benzopyrene

Disadvantages of the gas grill

  • High acquisition costs
  • Elaborate in construction
  • Lower temperature than charcoal

So, if you want to buy a gas grill, there are a few reasons for it, but it may be against it.

Conclusion - buy a gas grill

How does a gas grill work?

A gas grill offers a number of advantages and is also very flexible, so it can be used optimally throughout the year.

In addition, a gas grill in your garden or balcony looks especially appealing. Please note the above purchase criteria when buying BBQ gas, you will have a lot of fun buying a gas grill during the baking season.

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