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Benvenuti a Bacco's Ristorante where good food and wine are our obsession and hospitality is our passion.  Owner and Host Giovanni La Gamba, a native of Vibo Marina, Italy has a savvy for both.   Born and raised in his native Calabria, Giovanni experienced first hand what the influence of an exquisite chef can grant you.  His mother Rosa was born to create authentic calabrian meals that would entice and satisfy all who sat at her table.  Giovanni himself inherited his mother's love for good food and affection for warm hospitality.  His expertise as a Chef in both Rochester and Toronto and his experience as a restaurateur for over 15 years is what makes this combination such a success.  Before acquiring Bacco's Ristorante on Park Avenue, Giovanni owned and operated a hugely successful restaurant and catering establishment just north of the city of Toronto.  Coincidently the restaurant was called Bacco Hostaria Restaurant & Bar. 

Bacco is Italian for Bacchus the Mythological Roman god of food, wine and celebration. Many believe Bacco was the most powerful god of all because unlike so many, he knew how to celebrate, relax and live life to the fullest. What better name sake for an establishment that strives to do just that. 

In the Bacchus fashion, we invite you to come enjoy Bacco's Ristorante's full bar with over 30 types of wine by the glass and over 55 types of wine by the bottle.  Choose from our wide selections of items on our menu from fried calamari to Grouper Livornese and top your meal off with one of our homemade desserts or one of our after dinner drinks. 

Bacco's Ristorante

263 Park Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607

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