Gas grill – Tip & Things to Remember

Below we present a list of things to remember when cooking on a gas grill as well as give you a few valuable tips that can expand your cooking experience. There are plenty of things to do before and after cooking that it’s a good idea to remember.

Gas grill - Tip & Things to Remember

The lid during cooking

Only leave the lid open when starting the grill, it is crucial when it comes to the safety of starting a gas grill. Outside of starting it, however, which means during cooking and warming the grill up, always keep the lid closed. Try to open it as little as possible, opening the lid too often causes the heat to escape the inside of the grill and it takes longer for the food to cook.

Preheat the grill

Before cooking, always preheat the grill first, by the time you put food on the grill’s grates, it has to be properly warmed up. If you clean the grill’s grates, you should also remember to preheat the grill because it makes it significantly easier to remove food remains.

Flare-ups when cooking

How to deal with them? The best solution is to move the food to a different place and wait for things to get normal again. When cooking, always leave some free space, like on the side of the grates, in order to always be able to move the food there if necessary.

Split the cooking zones

Do you want your grill to be more versatile? Do you cook large chunks of meat? Use the possibility of not only cooking with the direct method but also the indirect method which is great for cooking bigger pieces of food such as a whole turkey or chicken. When cooking steaks or hamburgers, on the other hand, the method is obviously direct cooking over the source of heat. That way you can cook delicious food very fast.

Direct cooking is only good for thin pieces of food because you can make sure that the inside won’t be raw.


The most important thing is for the grill grates to be clean before each cooking. All you have to do is warm up the grill before each cooking in order to burn away grease and food remains, and then use the right brush to clean the whole grates. Check out what type of grill grates you have and pick a brush made of the right material so that you don’t damage the surface of the grill grates.

Besides cleaning the grates, you obviously have to clean the whole grill, but it is something that is enough to do once or twice a season depending on how much you have cooked on the grill.

Buy a Smoker Box

You used to cook on a charcoal grill and you miss the smoke flavor of the food? This problem can be solved to a substantial degree with a smoker box, of course, the food won’t taste 100% like from a charcoal grill, but it’s still a good idea to try this method. A smoker Box is a special metal container where you put wood chips, then you put the container directly over a burner.

A hot enough smoker box will cause the wood chips to start making smoke, which gets through a tiny hole on the top of the box and fills the entire grill chamber. That way you can give your food a smoky flavor fast and easily.

Buy a meat thermometer

Do you want to have better control over overcooking the food? All you have to do is buy a thermometer that comes with several probes to measure the temperature inside the grill and inside the meat. That way you can be sure that the meat won’t be raw on the inside. A very useful thing, especially when cooking things like steaks, which are prepared in several degrees of being done.

By using a meat thermometer you can be sure that the meat isn’t raw on the inside, especially when you cook bigger chunks of food.

Warming rack

It is a good idea to use one when the temperature inside the grill is high, it is the furthest from the burners so it offers the lowest temperature. A great way to warm up the temperature or slowly cook delicate food like vegetables for example, which can burn up in a few seconds when cooked on the main grates if you forget about them for a moment.

Buy a cover

Do you wish for your grill to be in great condition even after many years? Weather conditions have a very huge impact on a grill’s condition. Rain, snow, freezing rain, sun, and high humidity all have a negative impact on the materials grills are made of.

If you want to extend your grill’s durability to the max, buy a cover and always keep it on your grill when not cooking on it.

Fuel level

If you have a natural gas grill then the problem doesn’t exist for you and you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough gas. For propane grill owners it is a must to check the fuel level, it is better to make sure before each cooking whether you have enough fuel to cook all the food without a problem. We advise those with short memory to always keep a spare tank around the backyard.

That way even when the tank gets empty during cooking, you can easily plug in a new one and save the hassle and nerves of driving to the store for a new one.

Close the gas valve 

When you’re done cooking for safety reasons you should always remember to close the propane tank or natural gas line valve.

Heat control

Use high temperature for searing, we suggest cooking relatively shortly in such temperatures if you don’t want to burn your food. For normal cooking, it is best to use medium temperatures that make it possible to cook most foods fast and reliably.

The lowest temperatures, on the other hand, should be used for slow meat cooking, in such cases, it’s a good idea to use a special smoker box that gives the food a new flavor by generating smoke.

Food safety

It’s a very important issue, most raw meat isn’t good for human consumption. Such food may contain bacteria that should never get in our stomach as it may result in poisoning and other unpleasant symptoms. That’s why it’s very important to use separate kitchen tools for raw and for cooked meat. That way you can prevent the food from getting mixed and unwanted bacteria from finding away.

Remember to always store raw meat in a fridge and only take it out a moment before cooking. Never leave raw meat out for a longer time, especially when it’s hot.


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