Gas grill – Ultimate Guide

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Gas grill – Ultimate Guide

gas grill ultimate guide how to use

  • Gas grill, despite being among the most convenient and simplest to use grills. But it can be complicated for those who are just starting on their journey with this great type of grill. New things always leave us shocked, excited and at the same time provide us with plenty of worries. We always ask ourselves questions like „how does it work?” or „how to use it properly”. Today we’d like to present you with several basic rules one has to remember when cooking on a gas grill as well as explain the basics that will show you how to use a gas grill.
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How to Use a Gas Grill Ultimate Guide

How to Start Grill

gas grill ultimate guide how to use

  • First, the most popular question, how to light a gas grill. There are two options, if your grill has an electric ignition then you simply turn the knob to start a burner. If for any reason you don’t have an electric ignition or it broke down, all that is left to do is start the gas grill manually.
  • That’s easy, open the grill’s lid ( always start the gas grill with the lid open ). It prevents gas from accumulating under the lid in the event any of the burners doesn’t work properly.
  • Open the propane tank valve or the natural gas line valve and wait for a moment.
  • Turn the burner knob to the right position and click the ignition button. Plenty of grills have a light” position under the knob which is there to start the grill, but if your grill doesn’t have it then simply turn the knob however you wish.

How to Start a Gas Grill Manually?

  • In the event that the electric ignition breaks down, it is always possible to start a gas grill manually without ignitor. It doesn’t matter if it involves a propane grill or a natural gas grill, the principle is the same and you may know it from starting old models of gas stoves.

How to light grill manually

  • Manufacturers have prepared something in case of the ignition breaking down that can help start the grill using an emergency method. For the convenience and safety of using that method, a handle has been installed on the side of a grill that has a place on the very end to put a match.
  • So in order to manually start a gas grill without ignitor, you need to open the grill’s lid. Then put a match in the special handle and light it. At the same time turn the knob of a selected burner and put the handle with a burning match right to the selected burner. That way the gas will get ignited upon contact with a burning match.
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