Grill Brush – Buying Guide

There are many crucial reasons to cleanse your grill by grill brush, not the very least since oil as well as oil can transform rancid if left on your grill grate will impart a bad preference on your food and also can also lead to flare and also a grill fire.

Why Cleansing your Grill is essential

There are many crucial reasons to cleanse your grill by grill brush, not the very least since oil as well as oil can transform rancid if left on your grill grate will impart a bad preference on your food and also can also lead to flare and also a grill fire.

If the concern of rancid oil and also the flavor of scorched salute on your food doesn't make you wish to clean your grill, simply keep in mind: A filthy grill can attract pests.

Would certainly you like a side of ants to opt for your burger and weenies? I really did not believe so.

How to Clean Your Grill Grates

It's best to clean your grill while the grates are warm. Whether you have actually just completed food preparation, or are simply starting, you should turn your burners above and shut the lid for 10-- 15 mins.

In this manner, a lot of leftover grease will burn off, and also what is left will set and turn into carbon. This carbon will certainly be much easier to clean off with a brush.

Once you have a hot grill, clean your grates by utilizing a brush with solid bristles. The act of cleansing is quite obvious; simply apply force with your brush to the grill to remove any leftover carbon and also oil.

Things to Search for in a Grill Brush

When it involves a great grill brush, there are numerous aspects that will certainly aid identify if it will produce a good barbecue cleaning device:

The Right Brush for your Grill Grate

A lot of grills have either a stainless steel or actors iron grate, and also honestly you can get away with any kind of type of brush with these grates.

If you have a grate that is coated in either porcelain or enamel you're mosting likely to desire a mild metal, like brass, to not chip your covering.

If your covering begins to chip, you're going to start seeing it come off on your prepared food-- which is simply gross-- as well as your grates shedding their 'non-stick properties' and also just looking a little bit unsightly, pock significant, and also not in leading form.

Long Manage

This may appear noticeable, but I'm continuously amazed by the number I see with brief handles-- i.e. less than 6 inches.

Grills are hot! The longer the take care of the additional far from the hot cooking surface area your hand is going to be as well as the less chance you have actually of being shed

Some Method to Hang it up

You're going to intend to have the ability to keep your brush

Most grills feature hooks on so you can hang your brush and also various other tools. So either a sturdy natural leather string or metal loophole to hang your own on should be a must.

Sturdy Bristles

It's been reported in the media lately that many people are needing to be hospitalized as a result of consuming metal bristles left on their grill from their brushes.

Obviously, you don't want that to occur to you or your visitors. So you ought to intend to locate one with extremely tough bristles that will not conveniently appear.

No matter which you get, if it has bristles, you ought to see to it you have a close take a look at your grill grate before you prepare on it to examine for loose bristles.

Integrated Scraper

We all forget to cleanse our grates after use occasionally … Don't we? Well, I do.

When this occurs, you can wind up with a really solid, difficult-to-eliminate crust on your grates that a brush is simply not the ideal device for. This is when you require a scraper.

A scrape is equally as it sounds: It's a strong device, in some cases sharp, often curved to fit about individual bars of your grate, that you can make use of to scrape away extremely hard baked-on deposit that a brush alone isn't able to deal with.

Lots of brushes on the market today have actually a constructed in a scrape, and for not much additional price. So it's wise to try to find a brush that has a scrape consisted of. Trust me, you will find it valuable.

Points to Stay Clear Of in a Grill Brush

Equally, as there are specific aspects that make an excellent grill brush, there are specific points you want to avoid:

Plastic Near the Cleansing Location

Many grill brushes have plastic manages. While that is all fine and also great, lots of brushes additionally have plastic that runs right to an all-time low of the brush where the bristles are connected that get extremely near to the warm.

The downside to this is obvious: plastic thaws. Even if you take care, you can still inadvertently touch the warm grate with the plastic and have some melt off.

The last thing you intend to do is obtain melted plastic on your hamburger!


Similar to many items nowadays, there are great deals on unneeded tricks when it concerns grill brushes. Most gimmicky designs are improperly made and also need to be avoided.

I have actually seen everything from "robotic grill cleansers" to plastic brushes that have a squirt container affixed to them (water makes the bristles corrosion, plastic melts, as well as the water inside the brush, can ice up in the winter months).

Believe me, if it feels like it's a hokey trick, avoid it. The only 'extra' we can advise is an integrated scrape.


Q. How do I choose a grill brush?

Even though nylon is great, it cannot be used to wipe a hot grill. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, we suggest brass for this application. Brass is a softer metal than stainless steel, so cleaning brushes made of it are less likely to scratch your grill as you scrub it.

Q. To what should I apply a grill brush?

A long-handled, stiff-wire brush is ideal for cleaning barbecue grates. Vegetable oil should be used with a cloth or folded paper towels to clean barbecue grates. This will help prevent rust and food build-up. Mild dish soap and a steel brush may be used to clean the underside of the grill lid.

Q. Why you should never use a metal grill brush?

It has traditionally been customary to use wire grill brushes for this task. However, it's been found that the bristles can actually break off and wind up in your food. A number of years ago, Consumer Reports published a caution about using these brushes.

Q. Can you use a nylon brush on the grill without worrying about it melting?

Among the numerous types of grill brushes available, nylon brushes are a favorite of many grill masters. They're easy to acquire and provide a host of useful advantages. It's important to remember that nylon brushes can't be used with hot cleaning solutions since the bristles will melt and get damaged.

Q. Can the grill be used without first cleaning it?

After each usage, give the grill a quick wipe down to remove grease and debris. Do this after you've cleaned up the kitchen. Food debris may be removed using a grill brush after the grate has cooled down but is still rather heated. A wire brush is all that's required.

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