Grill Buying Guide: How to Buy a Grill to Fit Your Needs

How to buy a grill. Instead of purchasing strictly on price or recommendations, select a grill that matches your style. To begin, use the questions to help navigate through the key components of buying a grill.

What is the difference between gas grilling & charcoal grilling?

Gas Grill Cooking: Gas grills require that a liquid propane tank or natural gas line be connected to provide fuel for the burners. Gas burners feature variable temperature controls which allow for high temperatures (ideal for searing) and low temperatures (ideal for indirect cooking). The burners are covered with a shield to protect them from drippings, minimize flare-ups and maintain set temperatures. One great advantage of a gas grill is the ease of use. Electronic ignition provides a quick and safe way to get the grill going. Side burners are also an option on most gas grills. A side burner comes in handy when preparing extra dishes and it can also be used to keep food warm until ready to serve.

Charcoal Grill Cooking: Charcoal grills require manual ignition – generally achieved through the aid of lighter fluid and old newspapers. Much like a gas grill, food cooks on a grate over the charcoal. The drippings sizzle and smoke, creating barbecue flavor. Heat is controlled by the amount of charcoal, its placement in the grill, and a wheel or other mechanism that regulates interior airflow. The primary advantage of charcoal cooking is its unique flavor. The smoke generated by the food drippings ignites over the coals to create a deep and distinctive taste that cannot be replicated by a gas grill. This taste is particularly noticeable in meats.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo

What is the best gas charcoal grill combo?

The best gas charcoal grill combo is a grill with 2 fuel options of cooking: charcoal and propane gas.

Having the backyard dual gas and charcoal grill makes life more relaxing as you can switch from one to the other or use both at the same time.

Consider your food size turnout

Most of these dual-function grill combos are made to produce food for at least ten people in one round. Take a scan through your lifestyle and make a purchase that will serve the needs of medium to large-sized servings based on your calculations of what you will entertain. We can recommend looking out for hybrid grills with a total cooking surface area of at least 400 square inches and a gas grill with at least two burners.

What is the quality of make?

Before making a purchase, do good research on what materials the gas and charcoal hybrid grill is made of just so you do not have a combo that is rusting 3 months down the line. Two of the best elements to look out for are stainless steel and porcelain. These are not easily corroded and will withstand the test of weather changes.

Taste: For a charcoal grill, when the meat drippings meet the flame, they will get vaporized, and another portion penetrates your meat, producing a smoky taste. Meanwhile, the propane gas grill is designed for metal or ceramic slab, covering the flame. The benefit of this cooking method is that it creates more steam for more moisture meat.

Cooking time: The charcoal grill requires more time to preheat, so don’t use it for urgent cases like a party. On the contrary, it’s effortless for a propane gas grill to heat up, even it can hold the temperature. But, you have to monitor its temperature continuously.

Control: The gas grill allows you to control its temperature completely. It means that you can adjust the low or high temperature as desired. For the charcoal grill, it’s pretty hard to adjust and control the temperature.

Cleanup: Compared to a charcoal grill, it’s easier and more convenient to clean a gas grill.

Accessories: If choosing a propane gas grill, you will have the following accessories: a bottle opener, storage racks, lighting fixtures, and side burners. Therefore, when it comes to this aspect, the gas grill may be the winner.

Safety: The charcoal grill brings a small risk for users. Without carefulness, your hands may be burned by some pieces of hot charcoal.

Price: Usually, the gas grill is more expensive than a charcoal grill due to its complexity and mechanism. If you have a tight budget, we strongly recommend the charcoal grill. Gas charcoal smoker and grill combos usually save you by 20% or more on cost. Research and compare pricing with various sales outlets as much as you can. The best dual fuel grills vary in cost according to their makes, but this does not mean a dash of cash on poor quality.

So when you go to choose your gas charcoal smoker grill combo, don’t just concentrate on the price tag, as there are many specifications for you to consider that will make your life a lot easier. These specifications can turn your average family BBQ into “the” BBQ of the summer.

Now that you know the rules to follow when purchasing a gas charcoal smoker grill combo, you’re ready to start shopping. Find a gas charcoal smoker grill combo for you now.


Q. Can you recommend a good starting grill?

The Weber Original Kettle is among the best grills for beginners since it is basic, easy to use, and affordable. It's one of the best selling grills due to its reasonable pricing and high quality.

Q. Exactly how do I go about deciding which grill is ideal for me?

Charcoal grills are ideal for slow-cooking meals like ribs. Incorporating smoke and wood notes into low and slow recipes that need hours of moderate heat over the coals is a major benefit of utilizing charcoal. Invest in a gas grill if speedy grilling is a priority.

Q. Which, a charcoal grill or a gas grill, should I buy?

Charcoal, in a nutshell, generates a higher temperature and cooks at a quicker rate than gas. While searing is a necessary step, it is not the only one. There isn't much that has to be done at such extreme temperatures on a barbecue. Additionally, charcoal is superior than gas at the lowest temperatures.

Q. Which grill design requires the least maintenance?

To top it all off, stainless steel is lightweight, so it's simple to clean. The material can be heated rapidly, but it loses heat fast, corrodes with time, and makes food attach to the surface.

Q. Can you recommend a good month to purchase a grill?

September and the rest of the fall are the greatest times to purchase a gas or charcoal grill because of the steep price drops that are common at this time of year. After Independence Day, the peak of grilling season, you may expect to see discounts.

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