How to Choose a Gas Grill?

How to choose a gas grill. Choosing a gas, plancha or charcoal grill is not easy. Since gas.Gaz.infol is an expert in gas grills of any kind, we decided to put together a little guide for you to find this rare gem.

Why choose a gas grill?

Although it has been found that gas grills are often more expensive than charcoal users, there were many advantages in the past. So the first one is much easier to light and cooking starts almost immediately. At an aesthetic level, gas cookers are still more elegant and sophisticated than their predecessors because they are simply more modern.

Many buyers really love their special designs. Last but not least, in case of equipment failure or essential parts for using a gas grill, you will have no trouble replacing it. Some gas grill models offer some spare parts in case of faulty components. Like what, manufacturers have thought about everything!

Three selection criteria

Quality/price ratio of barbecue

Of course, the first option that comes to mind when thinking about buying a gas grill is its price. In any case, you need to remember that your barbecue will have to represent long-term investment and not a simple purchase (some models have an estimated life span of more than ten years). However, we can save money by buying a simple grill that can meet all our expectations. Barbecues with cheap gas burners, with poles on the market; But it is necessary to know where to turn. Even if you choose an entry-level product, keep in mind that the smallest thing is that your device is resistant to heat and fire,

Mobility and weight of the barbecue

Of course, since your gas barbecue will certainly find refuge in your garden and can even be routinely moved according to the position of the sun - it is better to leave it in a shaded area - It is essential that it is mounted on wheels, that is if possible equipped with a blocking or braking device, and it is particularly lightweight.

What is the point of buying Grills still frozen on the ground, that you cannot move or are too heavy? We ask you questions. Remember to provide a cover for your barbecue. The latter will definitely appreciate this kind gesture because it will allow him to increase his life span. Note that there is also a folding barbecue!

The ignition power of Grills

Another very necessary criterion for serious consideration: the cooking ability of your dream barbecue. We have mentioned the importance of having a minimum number of burners, which must be resistant to rust wherever you are. In general, it is always good to be able to rely on an auxiliary burner, which is located on one of the sides of the device, the back allowing for a more diverse cooking side. In terms of ignition, it could be Piezo ignition or simple electronic ignition. It all really depends on your needs and the dishes you want to cook, without having to say. 

The small extras make a difference

The latest models of gas grills are often supplied with accessories or have options that aim to make your life easier and make your family moments a hard memory. forget. Again, need to know what type of barbecue you are looking for. In the following lines, we will explain the different types of tools and materials that can make a difference before buying.

The side shelves

Gas grills are sometimes equipped with tables or shelves that can be easily folded and in addition, its merit is very discreet. They are very practical in that they allow you to cut the food and reduce their size before cooking. Gas barbecue in the shape of a trolley also has a bottle panel, integrated basket or even a barrel to recover grease.

Oven and thermometer

Another element that can make a difference, and will particularly appeal to true cooking enthusiasts, the temperature meter is sometimes embedded in one of the grill doors and is an essential indicator for the heat of cooked food. Culinary thermometers typically operate at an angle to the electronic ignition, both of which are linked. Another special option: an oven, which allows you to cook meat on a spit and change the end of the dish to your liking. Admit that choose a gas oven with the oven, it will throw!

Gas Grills and griddle

Lastly, while most gas grills come with one or more grills, a few offer a plancha, a tool specifically designed to cook fish and vegetables. In any case, choose a cast-iron plancha, some grills work with lava rock. Plates and grills are two utensils that will surely allow you to prepare the best dishes for all your guests. 

All of this

Whatever happens, your choice will be made according to different needs:

  • The budget you have, because a gas grill is above all an investment.
  • Various options, utensils and less than barbecue can offer you.
  • Mobility, weight, ease of movement of the device in question. It goes without saying!
  • The cooking power of gas cookers, number of burners and electric stoves.

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