How To choose Electric, Gas Or Charcoal Grill ?

Adding additional electric grills to the mix simply adds gasoline to the already fiery argument between charcoal and gas. Whether you choose with charcoal, gas, or electricity, the most important considerations are personal preference and ease of use. In addition to that, there are a few more considerations that might aid in making the best choice.

Criteria For Choosing A Grill

To make the right choice among the multitude of barbecue that exists, it is necessary to ask the right questions. In general, before choosing your barbecue, remember to take into account:

For What Purpose?

For us ge intensive, the easy-to-maintain model is preferred. For outdoor cooking, gas and charcoal barbecues are ideal. If you want to make your barbecue your most faithful companion and take it everywhere with you, a portable model seems suitable. To picnic in the great outdoors, do not use electric or fuel-hungry barbecues.

Qual Location?

Whether it is a garden or a balcony, the choice of barbecue differs accordingly. Indeed, on a balcony, it is advisable to inquire beforehand about the co-ownership regulations. For a garden, the choice is free. In addition, limited space will condition the size of the barbecue. The available space is, therefore, an important factor to take into account.

Which type of barbecue acquire?

The impatient will opt for a gas barbecue which heats up very quickly. Lovers of authentic flavors will turn to charcoal barbecues, the cooking of which gives food a special flavor. Electric models, on the other hand, require no fuel.

Types Of Grill

Electric Grill


Ignition and fuel: the electric grill plugs into an outlet and has a switch to turn it on or off. Its energy consumption is relatively low.

Practicality and maintenance: very easy to use, it heats up quickly and avoids smoke emissions. It is therefore perfectly suitable for "city dwellers" with a balcony.

Generally small, it is light, easily transportable, and can be stored anywhere. It requires little maintenance.

Use: both indoor and outdoor barbecue, it adapts well to frequent use. The smallest models can be placed directly on the table. If you are using it in the garden, an extension cord may be necessary to connect it.

Cooking: an electric resistance placed under the grill ensures the cooking of food. You can find electric barbecues offering several cooking methods: grill, plancha, or piperade.

Gas Grill


Ignition and fuel: ignition is comparable to that of a gas stove, it is enough to light the burners. One press of the ignition button and voila. The grill is powered by a gas cylinder or a propane bottle. Propane does not freeze and can therefore be used in any weather.

Practicality and maintenance: it is very simple to use and heats up very quickly. The temperature can be easily adjusted to adapt the power as needed. It requires little maintenance, however, the burners should be inspected at regular intervals.

Use: the gas grill is intended for outdoor use.

Cooking: the heat diffuses in a completely homogeneous way, the quality of cooking is irrefutable. The temperature rises very quickly and you can adjust the intensity of the fire to better control the cooking of your food. Some gas barbecues offer grill, plancha or lava stone cooking methods.

Charcoal Grill


Allumage and fuel: after disposing of the fuel can ignite the grill with newspaper, cubes of paraffin, or liquid, or gel ignition. Please note: never use alcohol or petrol.

Practicality and maintenance: in the mobile version, the grill is particularly practical and easily moved. It requires little maintenance. You simply have to empty the ashes after use and clean the grill of cooking residue.

Use: the charcoal grill is exclusively intended for outdoor use in a garden because of the smoke it generates. It should be placed well away from the walls of the house to avoid blackening. It is also necessary to think of orienting it according to the direction in which the wind blows.

Cooking: is done when there are no more flames and the embers are very glowing. The charcoal grill provides impeccable cooking quality and a unique taste.

Plancha Grill

Ignition and fuel: it all depends on the type of planchas, gas or electric. The gas plancha is supplied by a gas cylinder while the electric plancha simply plugs into the mains.

Practicality and maintenance: easy to use, it is possible to adjust the temperature of the burners according to your convenience. Space-saving, it can be placed directly on the table. It is advisable to clean the plancha after each use and to scrape the deposits which remain on the hob.

Use: the plancha is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use depending on the model.

Cooking: planchas are the solution for healthy and dietetic cooking. Indeed, it is not necessary to add fat. Food is seared and cooked in its own juices on a plate heated to a very high temperature and is never in direct contact with the flames.

BBQ Materials

The material constituting the barbecue tank is to be taken into consideration when choosing your grill

Steel Blisters

A stainless steel tank has several advantages. Taking advantage of a rather light structure, the grill is movable without much effort. It is very resistant to heat as well as to rust. He can therefore stay outside for a long time without fear of bad weather. This material is particularly durable and robust, it does not break.

Thicker enameled steel also has good rust resistance. It is robust and easy to maintain.

Cast Iron Blister

A grill can be fitted with a cast iron fireplace. Cast iron is very resistant to heat and allows it to be stored longer. Cast iron is a refractory material, that is to say, which accumulates heat and diffuses it uniformly. Cooking your food is only more homogeneous and therefore more successful.

BBQ accessories

The double grid: the food is placed between the two grids. The main advantage is the handling which becomes much easier. Turning food has never been easier. The double grid also ensures more uniform and better-controlled cooking.

The grill: this is the most traditional method of cooking. Particularly suitable for thick cuts of meat and sausages. Cooking can be carried out with the lid open or closed depending on the barbecue.

The plancha hob: allows cooking by "contact", healthier. The plate, homogeneously heated to a very high temperature, instantly grasps food.

The Pierre hob: a cooking method similar to plancha by "contact", the food is seared on the stones and heated to a very high temperature.

The rotisserie: the roasting grill is ideal for poultry and large pieces of meat that require longer cooking. The spindles are fitted with electric, battery, or mains motors.

The cover: grill with a cover allows cooking with fan-assisted heat similar to that of an oven. You can also use it to smoke your food.

The other accessories

  • Ash catcher: facilitates the cleaning of a charcoal barbecue.
  • Fat recuperator: allows healthier cooking of your food. Also makes cleaning easier.
  • Protective cover: to protect your barbecue from the weather.
  • Folding shelves: to gain practicality.
  • Discover all our accessories barbecue utensils BBQ, gloves, and aprons.


With the return of warm weather, the urge for baked goods is not just a temptation. Grilled fish and meat, skewers, chili … Discover the joy of cooking outside. For this, we accompany you to choose a grill that fits your criteria.

The taste of an electric griddle is less authentic. If you pay attention to the taste, you should choose a charcoal grill. Do not choose an electric grill. Gas grill provides bad taste by the charcoal grill and has higher cost. However, coal is a more expensive fuel than gas.

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