How To Use A Propane Smoker In Four Steps To Success

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Instructions for the operation of a smoker

For more than four years I smoke almost every week and have been able to gain a lot of experience. How to use a propane smoker machine? So that you do not make the same mistakes as you did at the time of your first smoking attempts, I try in this article to provide the most accurate instructions for the kindling / heating up and the operation of a smoker.

I will give you a step-by-step explanation of the individual steps and some tips from my experience.

The Preparation For Propane Smoker

First of all, you should look for a suitable outdoor space . It is important that the smokehouse has a secure footing and does not tip over. Well suited for this are a stone terrace or other Instructions for using a smoker straight surfaces that are not flammable. Also you should note the wind right on the respective days, because not every neighbor is pleased, if smoke pulls over to him. That would be the preparations that have to do with the smokehouse. Of course, that must be smoked in accordance prepared are:

Drying in the fresh air is of great importance. Normal is a dry season of around 60 minutes at mild temperatures. In doing so, the smoking product should never be left hanging in the sun. Likewise, gutted and washed out trout should be dried for one hour.

In addition, the right seasoning is part of the preparation of smoking. You are happy to use different types of salt, which bring a nice spicy aroma depending on the nature of the food. Meat can also be placed in a spice liquor before. It does not hurt to do this at least two hours beforehand, because it takes a while for the smoking product to absorb the spice mix.

If you have only salted the smoked product, you should rinse the salt briefly before smoking. Do not worry, because a certain part is already drawn into the food and thus only the excess salt is washed off.

Smoking in smokers: Four steps to success smoker now we come to the actual use of a smoker. It is important to clarify in advance how you want to smoke. In general, there are three different smoking methods: cold, hot and hot smoking .

On this topic I have also described in a detailed article the advantages and disadvantages of each method. However, since the methods ultimately differ only in the temperature inside the cooking chamber, the further procedure in four steps is nevertheless the same:

Cheer on : First of all, you should give a little wood in the wooden bowl , which is ignited with the help of biological igniters. This is best suited for this beech wood, because it burns very evenly and glows for a long time. In addition to wood, the use of coal is recommended. This is the same procedure. When the lighter is completely burned, add some more beech wood (or coal) and wait until it glows to a good extent. Heating up usually takes between 10 to 25 minutes.

 Now that you have a bowl of smoldering wood or glowing coals, it’s time to choose the right smoking flour . This is crucial for the later smoke flavor. In general, you can remember:

  • Hardwoods (eg juniper) -> spicy aroma
  • Fruit trees (eg cherry) -> fruity, fresh aroma
  • These smoking powders are given over the wood and lead after a certain time to a fairly strong smoke. Add hot or hot smoked and add an additional heat source to
  • provide the necessary temperature inside the smoker. I myself use a powered heating source, but gas-powered burners are also often used

Now you hang the fish to the rakes and other smoking material you put on the underlying grate . It is important that the smoking material has no contact with the outside wall, because otherwise no uniform smoking is possible. In addition, in cold months you have a big problem with condensation and its effects.

Now that you have closed all doors and flaps, you have to wait until the right temperature is reached (most ovens have a built-in thermometer) and regulate the temperature with the flaps, if necessary.

In the beginning it is not so easy to reach a constant temperature , but with a little practice you will get to know your propane smoker better and after two to three smoking attempts that will work quite well.

 Finally, after the right time for smoking, you just have to get the smoked food out of the oven and let it cool down a bit.I hope that I helped a little bit with this guide. Even if your first smoking attempts may fail a bit, do not be discouraged.

In smoking, experience is very important and these are collected not only with success, but also with one or the other setbacks. Many tips and tricks for smoking can also be found in how to use a propane smoker the above. For the price, it offers a wide range. Good luck and enjoy smoking.

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Good luck and enjoy propane smoker .

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