Kind Of Food Baked On A Gas Grill?

Kind Of Food Baked On A Gas Grill?
  • The beauty of grilling is, among other things, that so many different foods can be grilled.
  • At the top are for many people here different types of meat. But even vegetarians and vegans do not have to do without tasty grill food. The following article introduces the different possibilities and explains what to consider when grilling them.


  • The different meats are certainly the classics among the types of grilled food. With a gas grill this can be prepared very easily. However, you have to plan a little more time for this than, for example, with a charcoal grill .
  • But the steaks, spareribs and Co. are cooked very evenly. How good the result ultimately will ultimately depends on the quality of the meat used. In addition, it can happen that it is dry by a wrong preparation.
  1. Pork
    Pork is available in many different versions as grilled meats and is certainly one of the most popular meats. Because it has a very strong taste and it can be meager as well as mixed. You can also spice it up to your liking or put it into a home-made marinade . For example, neck steaks, back steaks and spareribs are very popular .
  2. Beef
    Also beef is very often used for barbecues. It also has a very strong taste and therefore does not necessarily have to be marinated. It is often sufficient to season the steaks with a little salt and pepper and then maybe add a spoonful of herb butter over it.
    Unlike pork, beef is not always grilled until it’s completely cooked . Here you have to decide what you prefer. For a long time you should not grill a steak, otherwise it will be tough soon.
  3. Poultry
    If you want a low-fat grilled food, you should buy poultry. Because this is easy to prepare and always remains tender when grilling . Very popular are turkey breast fillets, chicken breast fillets and chicken wings . These can be spiced and marinated at will. As a result, you can always make sure that there is a change in your diet. With some grills you can even cook whole chicken or turkey in one piece .
  4. Other meats
    If you like it a bit exotic, you can also grill different kinds of meat. Among the gourmets, ostrich steaks, venison and crocodile meat are very popular . In the trade you will find, especially in the summer, more and more exotic grilled food. This is also quite expensive and is therefore more suitable for special occasions .


  • Salmon barbecue gas grill
  • Many fish species can be grilled with a gas grill. Because of the very gentle and even preparation he gets a very special aroma . However, you should pay attention to which types of fish are suitable. Salmon fillet, for example, can be grilled very well on the skin and is a highlight on every barbecue party.
  • Also trout is ideal for these purposes. These can be prepared in different ways. For example, you can wrap it in aluminum foil , place it directly on the grill , or cook it on a special wooden board . In addition, the trout can be refined with different spices, herbs and delicious home made marinades.

Seafood from the gas grill

  • In addition to many different types of fish also some seafood taste very good grilled. These include shrimp , various shells, squid and so-called scampi .
  • But as seafood is very small in most cases, it’s best to grill it on a spit . However, some varieties, such as mussels and crabs , are too small for that. Therefore, it is best to prepare these in a special grill dish .


  • Many vegetables are not only grilled by vegetarians and vegans. Because the individual varieties are a beautiful and, above all, healthy supplement to the different meat variations. Very often peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms are grilled.
  • It is very interesting to fill these vegetables with cheese or minced meat and then cook in this way. If you like it spicy, you can also barbecue chili peppers . Other suitable vegetables include cabbage, eggplant and asparagus.

Fruit Diet

  • Fruit is often placed on the grate at the end of the barbecue. Braised apples tree, pineapple tree slices and pears are very popular with children. It’s best to wrap them in foil and protect them from burning. You can also wrap them in a pastry with maple syrup or honey .

Vegan for the grill

  • Vegans do not have that much choice of grilled food, but those who are creative will find some suitable foods. Partly in supermarkets already finished products are offered, which can be barbecued. These consist mostly of tofu or soy . For example, there are vegan burgers, sausages and steaks to buy.
  • These products serve as a meat substitute for many vegans . Because the taste is quite similar and the consistency is getting better. Vegan barbecue can also be easily made yourself. The ingredients required for this can be purchased in specialized food stores. There are many very good recipe ideas on the internet.
  • It doesn’t really matter what ends up on the grill, the main thing is that it tastes good. Because each person has a different hobby and their own way of baking.
  • However, many different foods can be baked in different ways. Therefore, vegetarians and non-vegetarians have to do without good baked food. Many products are also easy to make yourself, as well as dipping and marinating. Just you have creativity.
  • Also many meat eaters do not want to make without various vegetables as a side dish. And even vegetarians are looking for more and more products such as: gas grill, charcoal grill, electric grill, etc. . . They can bake without taking animal food.

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