Best Smoker Box For Gas Grill – Buying Guide

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Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills

What is a Smoker Box?

  • Smoker Box For Gas Grill is a box made use of to create smoke from smoldering wood chips. They made use of to turn a gas grill right into a smoker, though they can likewise be made use of charcoal grills.
  • A smoker box can be utilized in conjunction with practically any existing barbecue grill. As well as is an inexpensive and also efficient means to get the excellent smoky flavor from a product not specifically made for the job. It conserves you from needing to get a 2nd tool just to include great smoky flavor to your food.

Are Smoker Boxes for Gas Grills Only?

  • Not at all! You can use them with charcoal grills and also several designs of barbecue grills, also.
  • They are just a means of producing smoke from wood chips in a controlled method. Something that’s incredibly tough to achieve by throwing timber chips straight onto flames or coals.

Buying Guide for Smoker Boxes

  • Although the majority of smoker boxes look very comparable, some degree of selectivity is required. To make sure you obtain simply the BEST SMOKER BOX FOR GAS GRILL for your demands.
  • Considering the cover, the airflow, the version, and just how very easy it is to tidy– among other variables. Suggests you’ll end up with an outstanding item that fits your demands perfectly.
  • Below are a few of the things you’ll wish to remember:

Materials Made Use Of and Durability

  • You’ll wish to search for a cigarette smoker box made from thick as well as the resilient products. The package will be heated sometimes, so it’s important to look out for and prevent economical ones with poor build top quality that are prone to buckling and tarnishing quickly.
  • Many models are made of stainless steel, most of which have chromium, developing a self-healing, protective outer layer.
  • Even more on in this short article, we likewise assess an actor’s iron version. The last could take longer to heat up, but once it does, it stays hot for longer. It will also smoke foods quicker after a refill of timber chips than a stainless-steel version.

Easy Clean

  • Smoker boxes are commonly positioned under food, which will drip fat onto them, so a simple tidy design is a benefit.


  • You want the cigarette smoker box to be big enough to enable a practical quantity of wood chips, otherwise, it will not smoke for long as well as will certainly need consistent re-filling.
  • As grill aficionados say, “When you’re looking, you ain’t cooking!” The lid needs to be closed as much as feasible to ensure that the warmth. As well as smoke stays within, so having a large smoker box that requires replenishing less commonly is a good idea.

A Snugly Fitting yet Easy-Open Lid

  • It is necessary that the cover fits effectively, however, is also very easy to open up.
  • If the cover is loose as well as too much air gets in, the timber chips may shed with a flame. This makes them melt promptly instead of smoking from a slow smolder.
  • Wood with a burning fire creates very little smoke, so you want a flameless smolder to accomplish a great smoke result and also to convey some flavor.

smoker box for gas grill buying guide

The Essentials of Using a Cigarette Smoker Box on Your Grill

  • It’s a simple procedure to obtain that smoky flavor on your barbeque. Weber Grills has a few reminders, to begin with, and also Chef Tips likewise has a wonderful video clip overview on making use of a smoker box.
  • The cigarette smoking process should, preferably, just occupy a portion of your cooking time, due to the fact that when the meat has actually reached a particular temperature level it quits taking on any more smoke.
  • For that reason it’s important to obtain the smoke rolling prior to you put your meat on the grill, and while the meat is still cold.
  • Also, you need to only see white smoke carefully wandering up out of your grill. If the smoke is thick and also billowy, or perhaps worse if it’s black, then there’s something not right!

Right here’s a general listing of actions to making use of a smoker box on a gas grill:

  • Place the smoker box on the grill and also enable it to heat with the bbq.
  • Slowly get rid of or transform (if it’s pivoted) the lid far from the box making use of cooking area tongs.
  • Place the wood chips right into the box. As stated in the product assesses above, these might or may not be saturated, relying on the type of cigarette smoker box as well as your choice (though for the document, we recommend never soaking them whatsoever, ever before.).
  • Close the cover of the barbecue so the heating process of the wood chips begins.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for the temperature to rise within, as well as wait to see visible indications of smoke prior to opening up the grill once again.
  • With the initial indicator of smoke, you can now open up the grill as well as area any type of meat and foods on the grill that you desire to offer a smoky flavor.
  • Shut the barbecue once more and cook as regular, while getting ready to taste the difference as the great smoky flavor builds.
  • When you’re done, you prepare to delight in a mouthwatering BARBEQUE meal.

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