Weber Jumbo Joe Review

Weber Jumbo Joe Review

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If you are aiming to bring the fantastic taste of charcoal grilling with you to a campground, on a walk, or to a tailgate. The Weber Jumbo Joe is the grill for you. This grill features rust-resistant dampers and also a rust-resistant ash catcher to ensure. That it can stay with you even if it loses from the weather.

The transportability of this grill appears in its size as well as the integrated lid-locking attribute. It is lightweight as well as very easy to bring even for the weakest amongst us. I enjoy that the form is rep of the initial Weber Kettle, so it is quickly recognizable as an amazing, high-grade product.

The Jumbo Joe is the largest portable charcoal grill Weber supplies. It features the very same size cooking surface as the smaller Original Kettle too, so you won’t want for the area even while you are taking a trip to the nation.

Jumbo Joe Specifications and Measurements

To obtain a much better concept of this grill’s identity, let’s have a look at some numbers.

  • Grilling Location: 240 inches of key cooking area
  • Grates: Layered steel food preparation grate, heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate
  • Dampers: 2 rust-resistant lightweight aluminum dampers
  • Materials: Porcelain-enameled bowl and also the lid
  • Heat Resource: Charcoal
  • Dimensions (with cover closed):7″ H x 19.7″ W x 20.5″ D, Diameter: 18″
  • Shade Availability: Black
  • Service warranty: 10 years on dish and also cover, 5 years on one-touch cleaning system and plastic components, and also 2 years on staying parts

What Makes the Jumbo Joe Great

This grill is wonderful because it has a big barbecuing surface but stays totally portable. The lid-locking feature functions wonderfully and also include in the simplicity of use you would expect from a Weber product.

Unlike lots of larger grills, the Jumbo Joe is a quick and also simple grill to put together for also a beginner. The ease of this process means you can obtain barbecuing faster, which is an excellent point to have in a portable grill.

Lastly, the temperature level control on the Jumbo Joe is impressive. The vents ahead enable adequate air out to regulate the warmth as you prepare, yet when you secure them entirely, they easily put out the burning coals below.

The Down Side

What I do not enjoy concerning this grill is the limited space under the cover. You won’t intend to presume you can cook a whole chicken in the Jumbo Joe. It is purely for thinner items like burgers, pork chops, and also skewers.

If the Weber team had selected an extra one to two inches of clearance, this grill would certainly have everything. Sadly, that is not the situation, so it is the finest fit for your common tailgating foods, not a huge, bone-in feast.

Versus the Original Kettle 22”

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The Jumbo Joe’s look is based on the appearance of the Original Pot charcoal grill. However, there are some essential differences. Initially, the Jumbo Joe is made for transportability, where the Original Kettle is constructed to be your best house charcoal grill.

The Kettle is portable if you intend to bring it to a BARBEQUE or tailgate celebration. However, it would certainly be finest suited for a permanent camping area or moving just as typically as you swap houses.

The other large distinctions are the dimension of the grates and also clearance under the cover. The Kettle additionally has a one-touch cleaning system that is lacking in Joe.

On the whole, if you are seeking a fantastic mobile grill, I would certainly still suggest Jumbo Joe. Nevertheless, if you would such as a charcoal grill for primarily home usage, the Original Kettle is the method to go.

Versus the Go Anywhere

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The Go-Anywhere charcoal grill is a terrific option for portability but is a fair bit smaller than the Jumbo Joe. It is additionally a different form, featuring a rectangular body. Because of the Go-Anywhere grill’s dimension, it is somewhat lighter than the Jumbo Joe as well as features much more takes care of for more comfy traveling.

I can’t say that there is a great deal wrong with the Go Anyplace grill. It is merely smaller sized as well as thinner than the Jumbo Joe. Unfortunately, that does leave a little bit to be wanted in terms of effortless cooking of points besides burgers as well as hotdogs.

The closeness of the coals on the Go Anyplace is not as preferable as the area you get with Joe. The range to the coals makes a big distinction when cooking to obtain even doneness, so the Jumbo Joe is a much better alternative for cooking things like steaks as well as burgers.

In general, the food preparation surface area dimension, in addition to the even cooking of the Jumbo Joe is well worth the additional 10 to fifteen dollars you will invest over the Go Anywhere.

The Go grill is lighter and also a great form for packing throughout travel, but the Jumbo Joe will certainly fit far more food and is still worth any little headache it might trigger based upon shape alone.

Versus the Smokey Joe Premium 14”

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The Smokey Joe Costs is more or less a smaller sized version of the Jumbo Joe. It has the exact same body style in a much more portable size as well as weight. It also features the very same tuck-n-carry cover style that the Jumbo Joe has, so the items are extremely comparable.

The reason that the Smokey Joe is a terrific mobile grill coincides reason that I do not advise it: the size.

If you are worried about just how much area you have in your trunk or on the barbecue table at the beach, it might be worth the dimension downgrade. For the most part, you might effectively utilize the Jumbo Joe in the same circumstances as the Smokey Joe while preparing a much more substantial amount of food at a time.

The Smokey Joe includes just 147 square inches of the cooking room versus the Jumbo Joe’s 240. Virtually 100 less square inches is a huge difference, especially if you’re barbecuing for a group.

There is nothing wrong with the Smokey Joe. It is a solid grill. Both it and also the Jumbo Joe feature the famous Initial Kettle shape, so people will certainly recognize you went with the uniformity as well as the legacy of the Weber name. The Jumbo Joe is a merely a better worth for the dimension and also will help you in more circumstances than the smaller sized Smokey Joe.

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