Weber Q1200 Review: A Great Grill

Weber Q1200 Review

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Weber Q1200 is a portable liquid lp grill from Weber. That is highly trusted, enjoyable to make use of and has a little footprint. If you buy the Q1200 I guarantee that you will certainly like it. However, you might likewise have a little regret for not getting the Q2200 rather.

The Q collection can be a little confusing to identify. So it allows taking a couple of minutes to arrange through them and determine which one is right for you.

This testimonial will certainly consider the key features of this grill and contrast it to a few other choices.

Weber Q1200 Requirements as well as Measurements

To obtain a much better suggestion of this grill’s identification, allow’s take a look at some numbers.

  • Grilling Area: 189 inches of key cooking location
  • Grates: Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • Heaters: One stainless steel heater
  • Home Heating Power: (8500 BTU/hour)/ (189 square inches) = 45 BTU per hr per square inch
  • Measurements (with the cover ajar as well as tables out): 24.6″ H x 40.9″ W x 20.5″ D– 15.5″ H with the cover closed
  • Shade Accessibility: Fuchsia, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Titanium, as well as Florida State College Maroon
  • Service warranty: 5 years cook box, lid setting up, burner tubes, grates, and plastic elements, and 2 years on all other components including paint

What Makes the Weber Q1200 Great

This grill has quite a bit of grilling room for a tabletop grill. With 189 square inches of area, you can cook for the entire family at once, making this grill terrific for camping, traveling, or make use of on a little terrace or patio.

The Q1200 features porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. These grates are incredibly hefty. As well as taking around 15 minutes to truly heat up. But once they get hot they remain warm and also allow you to do serious barbecuing on a little grill. The grates are specifically engineered to provide also warming in a mix with the solitary round burner. So that runs around the circumference of the grill.

All of the Q series grills look superb and also are backed by a 5 years service warranty. This grill is going to look great on your patio area. And you will certainly take pleasure in using it for a long time!

What I Don’t Like

Both greatest concerns for me boil down to dimension and transportability.

On the transportability front, the truth is that, unless you obtain the retractable cart stand featured in the video evaluation above this grill isn’t really portable. Certain, you can select it up and also lug it however it wasn’t actually made with that in mind. There is no lid lock or cover take care of. This means that you have to use 2 hands as well as carry the important things before you. And also to be straightforward, given the weight of the heavy actors iron grates. You are not going to want to lug this grill really much.

If all you need this grill is for use as a tabletop grill for your patio area after that the mobility problem is not an issue. If you are looking for a grill to carry to the park regularly after that do yourself a favor. Head to the store and attempt lugging one around for a minute or more.

The significant problem for me with the Q1200 is the quantity of barbecuing room you obtain. Weber Q1200 has 189 square inches which are large sufficient to get the job done yet is virtually 50% smaller than what you get with the Weber Q2200. Everything that is fantastic concerning the Q1200 is additionally great regarding the Q2200. The Q2200 is just bigger.

You will certainly not always need the additional room that features the Q2200 however it never ever injures to have it available.

Versus the Q1000

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As far as food preparation is concerned, the Q1000 and also Q1200 are identical. Although the Q1200 features a digital ignition, where the Q1000 has a push-button ignition. They have the same home heating power and also very same cooking space.

The Q1200 is an upgrade with the folding side tables to give you extra prep area in a little area at a camping site or on an already complete table. Both grills have removable porcelain-enameled cooking pet crates and also detachable catch frying pans for easy cleaning. On both grills, these common products are likewise dishwasher risk-free.

The little cost distinction in 1200 versus 1000 is mere because of the addition and comfort of the folding tables. The choice of which one will certainly work best for you is a personal choice. Although I often tend to favor paying the additional cash for the digital ignition and also side tables.

Q1200 vs Q2200

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As previously stated, the Q2200 is identical to the Q1200 with the exception of the Q2200 having 48% more cooking room.

The only factor that I can think about to acquire the Q1200 as opposed to the Q2200 is if you like one of the fashionable colors available for the Q1200. The Q2200 is only available in Titanium while the smaller Q1200 has 9 various shade alternatives.

Versus the Spirit E 210

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The major difference between the Q1200 and the Spirit E 210 is that the Q1200 is portable and the E 210 is not. This may make the comparison a bit unfair considering that they each have their objective. However, I believe it is necessary to consider what Weber considers their next step up relating to LP grills.

The Spirit has a lot more heating power, and two heaters versus the Q1200’s single-burner. The total barbecuing area on the 210 additionally far surpasses the Q1200, mainly as a result of the deepness of the grill.

Both grills prepare uniformly as well as work well in smaller sized areas where a more substantial design would not function, like a tiny patio or deck location. Both grills additionally have fold-down side tables for an included workspace while cooking.

The E 210 is a wonderful first step for you if you are trying to find a stationary grill, and I would extremely suggest it. The Q1200 can also be a fantastic delve into barbecuing and also is fantastic in that it can select you as you take a trip or if you are relocating from apartment or condo to home frequently.

Total I can’t advise either grill over the other because their purposes are fairly different. You will require to choose which function is most important to you. These are a terrific set to have with each other, however, so do not count out a double acquisition.

Versus the Q3200

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The Q3200 is a cart-mounted grill that is the highest end choice for those interested in the Q collection. Although this grill is still proclaimed as a portable choice, it is the largest as well as most difficult to travel with the option you can select. It would certainly be an ideal fit for semi-permanent travel, not for brief trips or tailgates.

The Q3200 includes more total cooking power as well as even more cooking space than the smaller sized Q1200. However, still maintains the fantastic non-stick food preparation grates as well as the hassle-free side tables. Both grills additionally feature hood-mounted thermostats for very easy temperature level surveillance.

The bigger hood leaves added room to cook entire chickens, unlike the thinner Q1200. The Q3200 also includes a second stainless steel heater, which is what helps it to get rid of the Q1200 in both power and area.

The Q1200 is certainly still the very best alternative as for mobility is worried, yet if you are searching for a wonderful grill for a long-term camping site and even for a fantastic mobile starter grill for your small deck room, the Q3200 is a terrific choice for you.

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